Nexus 7 Nylon Tablet Case

Melgar, custom manufacturing for Nexus 7 Nylon Tablet Case. Design your own protective tablet case from just 25 units. The case you want, as you want!.


Custom Tablet Case designed exclusively for tablet Nexus 7.
Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
Made of waterproof Nylon.
External dimensions 210 x 130 x 18 mm.
Internal material High Protection.
Elastics back to introduce the hand.
Orifices for access to all functions.
Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).

Nylon shoulder strap height adjustment.
Removable belt clip.
Nylon cord safety (anti-fall system).
Protective front cover with inner cardboard.

Minimum order European Union 50 UNITS
Consult minimum order for the rest of the World

Availability: PreorderAll our covers are manufactured on request

We developed our cases for the needs of each customer from 50 units.

Web link to the Official Website Google Nexus:


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