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Orderman Case Belt Bag

Orderman Case Belt Bag handmade with the quality of Ubrique, the perfect complement for the hospitality industry. We can manufacture it for any measure of Handheld!.

Orderman holster made of leather, for professional gastronomy with belt bag design.
Manufactured entirely in very resistant leather.
External measurements 190 x 98 x 33 mm.
Interior capacity approximate 175 x 85 x 20 mm.
Hole to pass the belt.
Metal side ring for extra hook.
Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

Minimum order 50 Units.
All our bags and cases are exclusively made to order.

-Stamping your logo.

In addition, as custom-made manufacturers, at Melgar, we can manufacture your Orderman belt bag for any size handheld terminal or smartphone.

Finally you can see other holster cases at the following link on our website:


The Orderman case, bag or holster type, has dimensions that adapt to a large number of PDAs and smartphones.

In the professional gastronomy sector, the convenience and speed of use is a decisive factor, in addition to the correct protection of the terminal.

Our cover for waiters will allow you to extract and insert your terminal in the case with an easy and fast gesture. Its level of protection is very high due to its manufacture entirely in 2 mm thick ruggedized leather.

About portability, the Orderman holster has a metal belt clip to attach the cover to the belt, making it the perfect accessory for catering professionals.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a custom-made case for your PDA or smartphone, Melgar is your case manufacturer.

Our customized case manufacturing service will allow you to create the case you are looking for from only 50 units.

Without forgetting that all our custom made covers are manufactured in Ubrique (Spain) by the hands of artisans, with the highest quality and the best service.


If you still don’t know Melgar, it’s the best time to take a step forward and bet by our company.

We produce a multitude of orderman cases, among other prestigious brands, to ensure the best protection for each terminal.

Nevertheless, our Orderman Leather Pouch is for elegance one of the products most demanded by our clients, belonging to the sector of the restoration.

In addition to having experience in the manufacture of custom-made covers for the restaurant sector (Restaurants, hotels, etc…) and the industrial sector, we work with the most cutting-edge brands in the current market.

The importance of protecting more and more the terminals used in companies of different sectors continues to boom.

On the other hand, taking care of the aesthetics of any business that offers products/services to the public, such as a restaurant, is vital to generate greater confidence and save costs in the long term for the company itself.

At Melgar, we continuously study new business models and adapt to the needs of our own customers, one of the greatest advantages of being a cases manufacturer.

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