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Honeywell EDA 51 Case Charging Dock

Honeywell EDA 51 Case Charging Dock, a new version that allows charging at the base of the terminal without removing it from the cover. From only 10 units!!!

Case made to measure for the ScanPal Honeywell EDA 51 with Charging Cradle.
Made of waterproof Nylon (Polyester 600D)
External measurements 162 x 88 x 33 mm.
Internal material High Protect (Velor + foam + 3.5 mm)
Protective Front Cover with internal cardboard of 1,2 mm.
Anti-fall safety system.
External elastic stylus holder.
Metal clip for belt.
Allows charging in the base without removing the cover.
Holes and windows to access all functions.
Handcrafted in Ubrique (Spain).

Minimum manufacture of only 15 units. (Only for shipments within the European Union).
All our protective covers are made to order.

Watch video of Honeywell EDA 51 Case Charging Dock:

Honeywell EDA51 Case, maximum manufacturing quality.

From Melgar we present our second version of the cover for Honeywell EDA 51 ScanPal. This new case design allows loading on the base keeping the rest of the characteristics of our traditional finish: metal clip to attach the cover to the belt, security system anti fall, protective front cover and access to all functions of the terminal without removing it from the case. Externally it is made in Polyester 600D, a very resistant material that also has the peculiarity of being repellent of the drop of water.

The handmade finishes of our protective covers have the unmistakable signature of Ubrique. The majority of the most recognized international brands make their handmade production in this village surrounded by mountains. This is not a coincidence, in each manufactured product you can appreciate the quality of your sewing and raw materials. In addition, the expert hands of the workers, get a product with a supreme quality appreciable by any inexperienced in this matter.

As a result, an incomparable manufacturing quality is obtained with other production centers dedicated to manufacturing and craftsmanship.

See our Honeywell EDA 51 case with standard finish:

Link to Honeywell’s official website:

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