Honeywell CT50 CT60 Protective Case

Honeywell CT50 CT60 Protective Case

Custom manufacturing Honeywell CT50 CT60 Protective Case, allows charging at base without removing the handheld mobile computer. From only 10 units!.

We present a new development manufactured by Melgar, this time is the famous brand Honeywell Dolphin for the CT50 model.

In the case you can see the essential components such as the metal belt clip, protective screen cover and keyboard, external stylus holder and his security cordon anti-falls.

Also, it allows charging the handheld computer in its base without removing the Honeywell CT50 from its holster.
A series of accessories and protection features, in addition to the meticulous finish, difference the case made in Spain, from the rest of competing companies that manufacture their products in Asia.

Furthermore, Melgar adds an exclusive difference over its competitors, its technical laboratory for customized developments, where the customer finds the solution to those technical adjustments necessary to achieve a unique product that fully adapted to the needs of your market.

See Honeywell CT50-CT60 Case Dolphin at the following link:

See video Honeywell CT50 CT60 Protective Case:

Melgar. Experts in custom manufacture protective cases for Handheld mobile computers and Mobile Computing.

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