Melgar Company

Francis Martínez Manager of Melgar

Francis Martínez – Manager of Melgar

Melgar Manufacturer of custom protective cases for portable hand-held terminals, we create the case fully adapted to your needs.

The company MELGAR began its trajectory in 1968 with the manufacture of leather diaries and small leather goods. In 2000, with the arrival of new handheld devices called PDAs, he began its journey to the technology sector.

Their cases for PDAs, had a great success in the market, selling in large surfaces, distributors and end customers. Their cases for digital cameras manufactured for Casio were also well known, as well as the cases for Smartphones and all kinds of gadgets.

After the great technological changes, in 2009 Melgar is exclusively committed to the manufacture of tailor made cases for portable handheld terminals. These mobile terminals, used especially in industry and commerce, needed a high-protection solution that would adapt to each client’s work environment. For this reason, Melgar offers its custom manufacturing service, developing the protective case fully suited to your needs.

Currently, Melgar has become the leading Spanish company in the market of protective covers for handheld or handheld terminals, manufacturing its recognized high protection cases for brands such as: Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic, Zebra, Motorola Symbol, Unitech, Pidion, etc.

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