Brother RJ2050 RJ2030 Case

Introducing our Brother RJ2050 RJ2030 case for portable printer. A highly protected case that adds portability and full functionality.


  • Custom case for Brother RJ2050 RJ2030 mobile printer.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • Made of waterproof Nylon (600D Polyester).
  • External measurements 122 x 108 x 65 mm.
  • High protection internal material.
  • Metal belt clip.
  • Holes to access all functions.
  • Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

Minimum order European Union 50 UNITS
Consult minimum order for the rest of the World

Availability: PreorderAll our covers are manufactured on request

See video of our Brother RJ2030 RJ2050 Case:

Brother RJ2050 RJ2030 Case, a joint project

First of all, the case for this Brother portable printer was born from a joint project between several companies.
Above all, thanks to the collaboration of Brother Spain and our client Tecnipesa.
After custom manufacturing several prototypes, we were able to find the final product that fit the client’s needs.
As a result, we find a case perfectly adapted to the printer, adding mobility characteristics and total usability.

Certainly, our custom manufacturing laboratory is one of the services most valued by our clients.
Most notable is being able to create a high-quality physical sample in a short period of time.
In this way, with minimal cost, clients can create their own project and turn a future business into a present reality.
This type of project has given great results to many of our clients around the world.

Our direct manufacturing, carried out in Ubrique, provides a quality of finishes and materials, highly valued in many countries.
Similarly, direct contact with the customer and short production times give us advantages over our competitors.
In addition to the manufacture of Mobile Printer Cases, we are specialized in the protection of all types of mobile terminals used in the industry:
Tablets Cases, SmartPOS Cases, barcode reader covers, covers for radio stations, POS, RFID, and any carrying case.
Consult with us the custom creation of any type of carrying case.

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