Portable Printer Cases

Manufacture of portable printer cases fully adapted to your needs. We developed the high protection case for your portable printer that you are looking for.

We manufacture protective cases specially designed for industrial or commercial environments with the characteristics and functionalities that you need for your work environment. The best portable printer cases available on our website.

Consult our catalogue for portable printer cases. If you cannot find your product, we will manufacture the case made to measure for you:


Thousands of companies, make daily use of multitude of portable printers and other devices, necessary for professional work today.

To achieve greater durability of these devices, in “Melgar” we have chosen to manufacture a series of portable printer cases, betting on higher quality materials, to get the best portable printer cases of all time.

Every day, more and more companies are asking for our exclusive manufacturing services, to guarantee greater durability in their devices and aesthetically take care of their image in the eyes of the public.


With the passage of time, we have learned that quality for the industrial sector is essential, as companies generally invest large amounts of money to equip their workers with the latest technology to ensure the best professional efficiency.

In “Melgar” we are not left behind, because we have invested in the acquisition of the best materials, such as cowhide, synthetic leather or nylon, in order to obtain the best portable printer cases in the current market.

We currently have several models, very demanded by our customers, but we plan to incorporate a new model of portable printer cases as the market demands.

Portable Printer Cases Industrial


After more than three decades manufacturing numerous sleeves for handheld terminals, we saw a great demand in the industrial sector for our custom protective cases, so we opted to create an innovative manufacturing system, in which we selected the best possible material, a meticulous packaging strategy and the use of tools that allowed us to speed up the entire process, avoiding possible errors.

Today, we have customers from all over the world, belonging to the industrial sector, which allows us to continue evolving in everything related to the industry and its consequent accessories, such as portable hand printers.

When we talk about Woosim, we talk about quality, safety and durability, which is why it has been chosen to work day after day to offer the best performance in terms of protection.

As the years go by, new models of printers are coming out, although the older ones are still operational and functional.

The positive thing about betting on a leading brand is that the quality of their products offer greater durability than any other product from the competition.

Although we currently have very few models on our website, note that we work and adapt to the development of all types of cases for any terminal, whether PDA, printer, etc…

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