Tablet Cases

Manufacturer of Custom Tablet Cases, we manufacture the case tailored to your work needs for any tablet model. Consult us and you find the high protection case you are looking for.


Melgar is dedicated to the manufacture of tablet cases specially designed for industrial or commercial environments.

If you are looking for a manufacturer specialized in the development of custom cases for tablets, in Melgar you will find the professionalism to create your own case and be able to market it wholesale.

We talk about your own case design. Imagine being able to develop the case that fully adapts to your needs for use. A cover that in addition to high protection has all the portability systems; Adjustable shoulder strap, belt clip or elastic hand strap to hold firmly with one hand.

Although it may seem complicated, the challenge of creating your own tablet case is at your fingertips. Based on our experience, you only need a few minutes to define the characteristics of the product. Subsequently, we will create a prototype in our sample laboratory that you will surely like. In addition, to develop your case we only require a minimum order of 50 units. Contact Melgar and leave it in our hands, you will be surprised how easy it is to create your own protective tablet case.

Our tablet cases factory develops high protection cases for brands such as: Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Ipad, Archos or Nexus.

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