Zebra TC70 TC75 Case Melgar

Zebra tc70 tc75 case Melgar for handheld computer Zebra brand

Zebra TC70 TC75 Case Melgar. A tested thoroughly of all you need to know about this protective case tailor-made for handheld computers Zebra brand. The […]

Custom Made Carrying Cases

Custom made carrying cases for Handheld mobile computers

Melgar, Custom made carrying cases and holsters for any type of Handheld Mobile Computer; handheld, tablet, mobile printer, data capture, pda, rfid, Bar Code scanner… […]

Motorola TC55 Nylon Case

Nylon case for Motorola TC55

Melgarcases, Motorola TC55 Nylon Case manufactured for a demanding industrial environment. Custom manufacturing from just 25 units. Request us a budget!!!. From Ubrique, Melgar company […]

Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases

Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases

Melgar, the manufacturer of custom cases for all types of Handheld mobile computer and tablets, presents two new versions of Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases!. The […]

Intermec CN51 case

Intermec CN51 case

Intermec CN51 case Melgar, direct manufacturing of custom made protective cases for Handheld Mobile Computers, tablets cases and portable printer cases. Made of waterproof nylon, […]

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