Custom Manufacturing Service

With our Custom Manufacturing service, you will get the product you are looking for in just 5 minutes of your time.

Based on our experience you can easily get the product or case that you do not find in the market. For this, you only have to inform us of the type of cover, carrying case or holster you are looking for in our CONTACT FORM.

Get to know our Custom Manufacturing Service protocol:

First: Send us an email explaining your project with the help of images, drawings or simply with words. In Melgar we are used to interpret and develop the most complex ideas.

Second: In less than 24 hours you will receive a definitive budget with quantity escalations and all the details specified clearly. We will also include the information to develop a prototype.

Third: If you agree with our price list, you can directly order the prototype of your product or case.

Fourth: Our R&D laboratory will manufacture the prototype following your instructions within a maximum period of 6 business days. Generally 99% of the prototypes sent are approved by our clients in the first development.

Fifth: Only if the prototype sent is to your liking and meets all the characteristics that you have demanded, only then, we will begin the production of your order.

Custom Manufacturing Service

Why choose Melgar?

Creation of the product with the characteristics that you request.
Manufacturing a prototype before starting production.
Extensive experience in product development.
Minimum order of only 25 units.
We develop high protection of up to IK09.
Delivery commitments are fast and reliable.
Own production with specialized labor.
Export of our products to more than 26 countries.
Manufacturing guarantee with the handmade quality of Ubrique.

Melgar, the cover you want, as you want it!

Video presentation of our Custom Manufacturing Service of protective covers for Handheld Devices


Certainly, the quality of our finishes, manufactured in Ubrique, together with the ease of ordering a small production, will help you succeed in your new project.

Finally, our Custom Manufacturing Service is ideal for individual small business projects. Thanks to being able to physically realize your ideas they get great benefits with their creativity.

Melgar is a company specialized in the manufacture of carrying cases for tablets, bar code readers, portable printers, pda cases or any other type of handheld terminal.
We are manufacturers of cases and holsters for brands such as Honeywell, Unitech, Zebra and Datalogic.