Honeywell Dolphin 60S Protective Case

Honeywell Dolphin 60S Protective Case made by Melgar

The Honeywell Dolphin 60S Protective Case made by Melgar is one of the most popular and best designed items for these handheld mobile computers.

For fast access to the most important business data, the Honeywell company has created a great product called the Dolphin 60s, which has specially been made for this function. The technology offered by this model is in accordance with the multiple uses of communication. The collecting of data occurs at the same speed as desktop computers. It contains voice communication as well as real-time data capture. This is a multi-purpose device, which offers a wide variety of capabilities for the end client.

Features of Honeywell Dolphin 60S Protective Case

Melgar, the main manufacturer of custom protective covers, offers a range of indisputable quality for this product:

The protective case Honeywell Dolphin 60s made of 600D Polyester. A rugged case ideal for demanding industrial use. It has a belt clip and an anti-fall safety cord, plus a protective front cover and an external stylus holder.

On the other hand, we have the Honeywell 60s case made of premium quality cowhide. A more aesthetic case, developed for use in commercial environments such as restaurants.

With both options, employees can perform tasks in any place, thanks to these resistant protective covers. This is a necessary complement for these devices which have very demanding applications and need to carry out activities in a limited time.

The tailor made service offered by Melgar allows the customer to design the protective cases to their specific measurements, making them totally adapted to their needs and working environment. This custom manufacturing service is valid for any type of handheld, tablet or electronic terminal.

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