Orderman Leather Pouch, the perfect accessory for the hospitality industry.

Orderman Leather pouch

Analysis and review of the Orderman Leather Pouch from the manufacturer Melgar, specializing in the custom development of high protection covers.

In the hospitality industry, typical notebooks to handwrite orders no longer used. Instead, mobile computers called PDAs or handhelds are currently used. An Orderman Holster allows to transport the PDA of this manufacturer, elegantly and also protects the terminal from bumps and falls.

The Orderman case from the manufacturer Melgar is designed specifically for devices of this brand, but its dimensions can accommodate almost any PDA or smartphone. In addition, among the customization options you can also include the customer’s logo.

Orderman Leather Holster, practical and resistant

With an internal capacity of approximately 175 x 85 x 20 millimeters, this PDA case is made of heavy-duty ruggedized leather, with a thickness of two millimeters.
Thus, the device is protected against shocks and friction.
The holster allows the passage of the belt through its interior to carry the cover comfortably. In this way, the professional can easily insert and remove the handheld terminal.

The high quality of this leather pouch for waiters is indicative of its manufacturing process, carried out by artisans in the town of Ubrique, southern Spain. Melgar, being a European company, offers the confidence of working conditions and requirements at a European level, as well as close communication and service.

Adaptation to the needs of each client

Melgar works on demand, with minimum orders of twenty-five units. In this way they have a great ability to adapt to your requirements. Whether in leather, synthetic leather or nylon; they turn any idea into a real product.

In its catalogue, in addition to the Orderman Leather pouch, also called Orderman Tasche in German language, you can find many other pouch or holster cases. As for example the Unitech PA 700 Leather Holster, which has a little more capacity than the previous one. In any case, remember that Melgar is specialized in developing custom protection covers for any type of handheld terminal.

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