Honeywell Cases

Honeywell Cases

Melgar, specialists in the manufacture of Honeywell Cases for handheld computers. Everything you need to protect your Honeywell terminal. European manufacturing.

We have a comprehensive catalogue of Honeywell cases for Handheld Computers. If your model is not on our list, we manufacture it to suit your needs from just 50 units:

See video of our Honeywell Cases and Holsters:

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility is an important American multinational producer of a variety of consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems. A leading manufacturer of high-performance image and laser based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. Their handheld terminals CT50, 70e, 60S or 6000 are globally recognized.

Our Honeywell cases always at the service of the industry

Currently hand-held terminals have become one of the indispensable tools for many types of business in their day to day. The software and technology industry have enabled, with their advances, to cover all the automation details in any field and for any application.

On our recently updated web page, you can select many of the cover and holster models for the best-selling devices in Europe.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you can send a request by email to manufacture the product you need, without having to register, create an access account or log in to your browser.

Laboratory for the manufacture of prototypes.

Our sample production and manufacturing services are trained to study and manage any type of protection solution for; tablets, portable printers, PDAs, smartphones, barcode readers, handheld terminals, media payment devices, scanners, walkie-talkie radios, card readers, portable terminals, RFID, AIDC, DC / PoS, data capture terminals, medical devices, breathalyzers …

We currently offer our products directly from our web site, manufacturing our cases and holsters only upon request.

Up to this date, they have relied on our work from state forces, gas and oil companies, media, transport companies, etc.

With Melgar you will find a service of superior quality in the protection and security of your hand terminals. Our specialized training, the ability to control all processes and studies carried out on our holsters, are our main advantage in the market.

View some of our Protective Handheld Cases for industrial or commercial use:

New: Your company can become a distributor of our products and services. Our distribution program will provide you all the help and the best conditions to offer our items. The objective is to offer our service to the global market in any language.

Manufacture of custom protective covers and much more.

In our company we offer protection solutions for all types of electronic devices used in the industrial sector. We have the support of good management and all the necessary resources to achieve the best results in our products.

In a short term, you will have a view of your product which will be manufactured in our laboratory with all the characteristics you want.

Consequently, our tailor-made manufacturing services are based on the search for the right solutions for each client; based on the information provided by the customer and our support.

In addition, with Melgar, your company will have the desired privacy on your projects for covers for electronic devices. Your company can develop the terms of a confidentiality agreement.

In our development management, we will apply all our available resources so that, together with our support, find the best customized industrial protection solution for your devices and in the best terms of the market.

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