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    Protective covers for handhelds, PDAs, scanners, bar code readers, walkie-talkie, data capture, medical devices and portable printer cases.
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    Manufacture of protective tablet cases for industrial or commercial use with total adaptation to your design requirements.
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    Custom manufacturing of the product you want. We develop your project transforming your idea into a real product. AD HOC manufacturing.
  • We are AD HOC manufacturers of protective cases for the most important brands of Handheld Mobile Computers.

    bluebird casesintermec caseshoneywell casesmotorola-symbol caseszebra casesdatalogic casesunitech casesMobile Printer CasePDA Holster

    Bluebird Cases
    We manufacture protective cases for Bluebird Handheld mobile computers. The company producer of Handheld mobile computers integrated w/ enterprise mobility, barcode scanners, bluetooth scanners and payment solutions. Discover our custom cases for Bluebird Handheld mobile computers.
    Intermec Cases
    We handcrafted tailor made cases for Intermec's Handheld mobile computers. The company producer Intermec's rugged handheld computers are built for the task at hand, combining the advantage of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package. Enjoy our covers for Intermec Handheld mobile computers.
    Motorola Symbol Cases
    We produce protective cases for Motorola Symbol consumer electronics and Smartphones. Our company manufactured smartphone´s protection case for the company of electronics devices. Visit our holsters for Motorola Symbol's Handheld mobile computers.
    Honeywell Cases
    Our company manufactured tailor made cases for Honeywell Dolphin´s Handheld mobile computers. Honeywell Scanning & Mobility is a leading manufacturer of high-performance image-and laser- based data collection hardware, including rugged mobile computers and bar code scanners. We have a wide catalogue of Honeywell holsters, made of first quality synthetic leather or nylon.
    Zebra Cases
    Zebra is one of the world's leading mobile device manufacturers. We manufacture holsters and cases for all your devices such as handheld computers, personal terminals, handheld RFID readers, handheld scanners and portable printers. Its technology helps thousands of businesses to be more productive with their mobile solutions and RFID technology.
    Datalogic Cases
    We manufacture tailor-made covers for the Datalogic devices: bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems. Protective cases for high performance products and solutions for the industry. Companies around the world rely on Datalogic devices to boost your business.
    Unitech Cases
    With over 30 years of experience in the sector, Unitech is an international company with more than 500 employees worldwide; a global provider of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) technologies. We manufacture covers for all Unitech mobile devices such as mobile computers, Rugged handheld PDAs, barcode readers and RFID readers as well as Industrial Tablets.
    We manufacture custom protective cases for the main brands of mobile terminals or Handhelds: Honeywell cases or Honeywell Holster, Intermec cases, Zebra cases, Unitech cases, Motorola Symbol cases, Datalogic cases, Bluebird cases.
    We have the protection and portability solution you are looking for, Unique features that you will not find in other cases for portable handheld terminals; anti-fall safety cord, shoulder strap, hand strap, plastic protection on keyboard and screen, protective front cover, etc...
    Melgar, manufacturer of protective cases made to measure for Handheld mobile computers; tablets, PDAs, portable printers, handhelds, data capture, RFID, scanner, barcode readers, payment methods, walkie-talkie, tetra radio, medical devices...
    • 5 star review  Increíble empresa situada en "La Cuna de la Piel". Realizan multitud de fundas para terminales industriales a precios sin competencia.

      thumb alejandro troya gómez
      23 October 2019

      5 star review  Muy profesionales, rápidos y un muy buen producto. Recomendable al 100%

      thumb Daniela Iglesias
      22 October 2019

      5 star review  Muy buena atención al cliente

      thumb Pablo Gonzalez Rodriguez
      16 October 2019

      5 star review  Como empresa muy serios y eficientes. Como producto, excelente calidad y durabilidad.

      thumb Iñigo Rodríguez
      1 October 2019
    • 5 star review  No encontrábamos ninguna fábrica en España que fuese capaz de fabricar fundas para nuestros terminales, con Melgar dimos en la tecla correcta!!.

      thumb Multiservei Yanico
      4 February 2019

      5 star review  Fabricaron para nosotros unas fundas holster y hasta el día de hoy funcionan perfectamente y consiguen su objetivo de evitar roturas.

      thumb Zapatos Noa
      21 January 2019

      5 star review  Después de trabajar en varias ocasiones con esta fábrica, sin duda puedo recomendar su fabricación a medida.

      thumb p. María José C Gutiérrez
      14 January 2019

      5 star review  Buenos acabados y muy buen trato, sin duda volveremos a contar con Melgar para otros proyectos.

      thumb David Valcarcel
      17 December 2018
    • 4 star review  Las Fundas Melgar son el complemento perfecto para nuestros terminales, se adaptan perfectamente y el terminal va muy bien protegido.

      thumb Ander Jon
      11 June 2018

      5 star review  Contacté con ellos para la fabricación a medida de tablets y en menos de un mes tenía en mis manos las fundas exactamente con las características que había solicitado. Genial!

      thumb David B. Martín
      14 May 2018
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