Manufacture of cases for Covid-19

Manufacture of cases for Covid-19

At Melgar, we work especially in the manufacture of cases for Covid-19. These new designs are geared towards shared handheld on different shifts of the workday. In this way, we have subjected our high protection covers to rigorous tests against common disinfectant products, as well as other highly corrosive ones.

R&D laboratory for disinfection of covers

Mainly, from our factory we want to offer solutions to the new needs that arise in the labor scene due to the current pandemic. Especially, as manufacturers of high protection cases and holsters, our goal is to help companies also protect the health of their workers.

For this reason, our carrying cases ensure the hygiene and disinfection necessary for occupational health in any work environment. Companies and businesses have to eliminate the risk of contagion by sharing devices among their employees. On the other hand, many mobile computers are suffering severe damage as a result of the use of disinfectant products applied directly on the handheld.

Therefore, by disinfecting the cover we avoid subjecting the device to the action of these aggressive products. In this way, we protect the occupational health of our employees, in addition to guaranteeing the correct operation of the device.

How do we manufacture our covers for the COVID-19?

Firstly, both the transparent plastic (PVC) and the 600D Polyester (Waterproof Nylon) that we use externally, have been specifically chosen for their anticorrosive properties. In response to the COVID-19 alarm, our R&D laboratory subjected its materials to corrosion resistance tests. Among many other tests, we have exposed them to the direct action of the main disinfectants in their pure state.

Specifically, the disinfectant substances tested have been etching (HCI), bleach (NaCIO), ammonia (NH3) and hydroalcoholic gel (C2H5OH). These have been sprayed directly on their surfaces. As a result, after 24 hours of exposure, our technicians have verified that their physical, functional and aesthetic properties have not been altered. In addition, there has also been no absorption or draft.

Video of the test performed and its result after 24 hours:

Finally, we encourage companies and businesses to contact our company and learn about our manufacturing of Covid-19 carrying cases. We have immediate disposition for the design, prototyping and manufacture of any type of cases for COVID-19.

More information about COVID-19:

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