Handheld Mobile Computer Cases

Handheld Mobile Computer Cases

Melgar, Custom manufacturer for Handheld Mobile Computer Cases for industry and commerce. Specialists in the development of custom protection solutions.

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We are currently in a modern era, where the use of technologies has come to stay in many companies.
Meanwhile, the number of terminals used in companies in the industrial, hotel, healthcare sector, etc. is increasing.
With the aim of increasing the useful life of the terminal, all companies are looking for a protection solution to improve the return on investment as much as possible.

At Melgar, fortunately, we have a staff of specialists in the manufacture of cases and holsters for portable handheld terminals.
Artisans of yesteryear that make it possible to combine the use of traditional tools with the introduction of new technologies.
All this has led to an improvement in production times and a more optimal finish in our products.
Most of our carry cases are made of 600D Polyester (Nylon), as well as rugged leather, very hard and resistant leather.

Above all, we believe that our manufacture of custom cases allows us to provide each company with an ideal protection solution.
Certainly, the concept of custom manufacturing can encompass countless products on the market today.
However, the solution that we offer is as exclusive as the custom covers that our clients request.
As a result, many companies bet on the Melgar brand as a manufacturer of trusted holsters for their prototypes and terminals.


In recent years, terminals have evolved in terms of technologies, functionalities and design.
Consequently, almost every year they renew their models, which increases the demand for new models of carrying cases.
This increase implies the study and prior analysis of each model to guarantee the best possible protection for our clients.
Currently, we carry a wide variety of handheld mobile computer cases for numerous brands.

Our case manufacturing is focused on prestigious brands such as Honeywell, Intermec, Motorola, Pidion, Zebra, Datalogic and Unitech.
Above all, we develop tablet case, pda case, scanner case, orderman case, mobile printer case, walkie talkie case, dataphone case, etc …

We create the cover you want, as you want it!