Mobile Printer Case

Mobile Printer Case

Manufacture of Mobile Printer Case fully adapted to your needs. We developed the high protection case for your mobile printer that you are looking for.

Our catalogue of portable printer cases, if you cannot find your product, we will manufacture the printer cover made to measure for you:

The investment in technological equipment is increasing every day. Many handheld devices are operated by employees in the most varied circumstances.
Today, printers are one of the most common terminals. Melgar takes care of protecting this investment with its high-quality portable printer case.

A Mobile Printer Case is synonymous with protection

Any mobile computer that has to be transported in different working circumstances is exposed to a risk of damage. Preserving this investment is necessary.
In the case of mobile printers, it may be just as important to protect both their economic value and their opportunity cost.

Although there are terminals that are not essential during work, the mobile printer is often essential.
Any employee who handles one of these devices knows that it is an absolutely necessary tool.
If it stops working, the cost of its repair may not be high, but time does become a serious problem.
This situation can paralyze an entire part of the company’s activity. A portable printer case will prevent many of the potential incidents.

Mobile Printer Case Industrial

Manufacturer of Mobile Printer Cases

With more than twenty years specialized in the protection with high quality covers of all types of professional handheld computers, Melgar is a leader in the sector.
Now he tackles his role as a manufacturer of portable printer covers as a new challenge.

Melgar has extensive experience working with hides and leather in Ubrique.
That is why it has been able to design an excellent collection of covers in high resistance and ductility materials.
His determined vocation for research and design make him an ideal choice.
The use of reinforced 600D Polyester stands out as the outer material of its covers, due to its durability and insulating properties.

On the other hand, optimal infrastructure has allowed Melgar to have a prototyping center with a large capacity.
Thus, their Mobile Printer Case models are incredibly effective.

Thanks to this, manages to provide solutions to all kinds of common printer models.
This does not prevent you from making a bet with reputable manufacturers such as Brother, Sato, Woosim or Datecs.
Having some of the mobile printers most valued by companies and professionals, it has an exclusive manufacturing line for these brands.

Manufacture of custom covers

With its prototyping center, Melgar manages to find the right solution for each client.
Similarly, your R&D laboratory is capable of providing customized solutions in a very short time.

In conclusion, the Melgar mobile printer case provide the necessary protection and mobility for this type of handheld mobile.