Motorola Symbol Cases

Motorola Symbol Cases

European Manufacture of Motorola Symbol Cases. Consult your project and we will offer you the protection solution you are looking for, from just 50 units.

See our carrying cases for Motorola Symbol or request us the development of new models to the measure of your needs:

When we talk about Motorola Symbol cases, we mean the best protection. Its function is to secure some of the most widely used handheld terminals worldwide.


Certainly, the high quality of this brand makes Motorola handhelds and accessories the most popular. Many professionals and companies choose these devices in the most varied activities.

The Motorola Solutions and Symbol Technologies range has been owned by Zebra Technologies since 2014. It ranges from handheld to walkie talkie. It does not leave behind all kinds of devices, such as scanners, printers, code readers, payment systems or RFID. Its terminals are found in all sectors, with a special tradition in the police and security forces. But commerce, retail, transport, engineering, logistics, health, leisure and hospitality are unconditional of its PDAs, devices and communication terminals.

High Protection Cases for Motorola Symbol handheld computers

At Melgar we have been working as a manufacturer of cases and holsters for Motorola handheld for more than 20 years. Being rated by our users as the suppliers of the best high protection cases for mobile computers. Above all, these Symbol covers are designed and prototyped for a perfect fit to the characteristics of each mobile terminal. In addition, we provide them with all kinds of usability, anchorage and transport accessories. Thus, they allow perfect adaptation to each environment and handling.

Even more, only after passing severe quality tests does the prototype go into production. The scale used is the IK test, as a result, 0 represents zero protection and 10 total protection.. It is a product that not only offers maximum protection against impacts, but also against external agents, including solar radiation. In short, the Melgar range of Motorola Symbol carrying cases is a guarantee of quality, manageability and maximum protection of the mobile computers.

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