Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases

Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases

Melgar, the manufacturer of custom cases for all types of Handheld mobile computer and tablets, presents two new versions of Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases!.

The cow leather case for the Honeywell Dolphin 60S, is developed especially for the environment of restaurants and shops, including removable belt clip and nylon cord safety (anti-fall system). The functionality of this case is total for the area of the restaurants.
You can see the leather case for Honeywell Dolphin 60S at the following link:

On the other hand, the case for Honeywell Dolphin 60S made of waterproof nylon with high protection destined for the industry. With a metal belt clip, nylon cord safety (anti-fall system), protective cover with inner cardboard and interior foamized High Protect.

You can see the Honeywell Dolphin 60S cases in Nylon at the following link:

The Melgar company also offers free customization service, allowing the customer to develop any new model case or adapt completely the cases developed to your usage needs.

Melgarcases. Especialist in custom manufacture of protective cases for Handheld mobile computers and Mobile Computing.

Honeywell web link:

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