Melgar increases international sales

Melgar increases international sales around the World

Melgar increases its international sales, they are a world leader in the manufacture of tailor made protective cases for Handheld Computers.

Nowadays, companies need portable computer equipment that requires protection for its transportation and handling. However, the devices are varied and it is difficult to find the right cover to protect these delicate handheld terminals. It is here that Melgar steps in with its custom-designed protective cases developed for industrial and commercial use.

Whether it’s cases for scanners, code readers, tablets… Melgar has an enviable variety, including cases for Honeywell, its specialty. They have used this emerging market niche with great success. The quality of their products has launched them to sell internationally from Mexico to Sydney, Auckland and Stockholm. This quality has enabled them to expand and consolidate day by day in Europe and the United States. That is why, this year, they expect to double their sales outside Spain.

Not many companies, even globally, have such a wide range of protective covers. In fact, it is not easy to find Honeywell cases in the market. The number of precise shapes, holes and buttons is unlimited. This challenge had to be tackled with ingenuity, making the covers fit in the right way. Therefore, custom-made cases are essential. Remember that we are talking about physical protection of portable terminals, which is an investment in their maintenance. The result is the absolute satisfaction of its customers.

technical laboratory that develops protection systems suited to every situation and that is probably the key to its success.

Melgar and the increase sales around the world.

The audacity of Melgar in a little explored field has been duly rewarded. It sells in more than 25 countries, which is something to be commended given the current economic situation. And it continues to expand.

We will have to follow the development of this company closely, because it promises to be interesting.

Click here to see some of their custom-made cases for brands such as Honeywell, Intermec, Zebra, Pidion or Datalogic:

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