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Learn about our developments of Bluebird Cases and Covers. Designed by Melgar, world leader in protective solutions tailored to your needs for Handheld Mobile Computers.

Discover our Carrying Cases for Bluebird Handheld Mobile Computers:

First of all, the devices used in the professional field require flexible solutions capable of adapting to the needs of each user. In this sense, the Pidion Cases are the perfect complement to the Bluebird range of products. These are high protection covers produced by Melgar, the manufacturer of protective cases, a leading company specialized in Tailor Made Cases. Specifically, its carrying cases have been designed to cover the following terminals with precision:

Pidion BIP 1500 Bluebird Case. It offers protection and an unbeatable use experience. It has an elastic hand strap at the back and has a built-in shoulder strap for easy transport.

Pidion BM 170 Bluebird PDA Case for hospitality. This cover has been conceived to withstand the rhythm in restaurants and hospitality businesses. Being made of extra cowhide, it is the perfect companion for employees in a sector as demanding as that one. It has a safety clasp and an anti-fall system to prevent the terminal from touching the ground due to an accident.

PIDION BM 150 Bluebird PDA Case. This carry case has also been designed to facilitate the task of hospitality and business workers. Like the previous model, it has protective padding, a belt clip, a safety lanyard and a snap closure.

Pidion Bluebird Cases, a wise choice

The custom-made Bluebird cases stand out for their robustness and usability. In addition, their precision in the fit is total and the materials in which they are manufactured are extremely durable. The dedication during the artisanal production process carried out in Ubrique is noted for the general quality of each holster and the perfection of the finishes.

On the other hand, it is possible to order them in different materials, such as leather, imitation leather or 600D Polyester (nylon). Prices vary depending on the purchasing capacity of the company, more units get a better price. In addition to the bespoke range for Pidion Bluebird, you can order any case for any device with a minimum production of only 50 cases. One of the great advantages of this service is that it provides protection elements, even if the brand of the new equipment does not have a specific series of covers.

Finally, it should be noted that Melgar, the company that manufactures Bluebird Cases, started developing PDA protection elements 20 years ago. This long history is the best guarantor of its know-how and its capacity for innovation. These are factors that have led it to position itself at the top of its sector. Melgar currently produces covers for terminals from brands such as Pidion, Unitech, Motorola Symbol, Datalogic, Zebra or Honeywell.

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