Custom Tablet Cases

Custom Tablet Cases

Manufacturer of Custom Tablet Cases, we manufacture the case tailored to your work needs for any tablet model. Consult us and you find the high protection case you are looking for.

The leading company in Spain in the manufacture of covers for professional mobile computers highlights the importance of using a protective cover for tablets.
It ensures that it is one of the devices that presents the greatest exposure to damage, due to its particular format.

What is the risk of this device according to the manufacturer of tablet cases?

Tablets are used professionally in countless processes, as this manufacturer of Tablet Cases from Ubrique assures. Along with mobile handheld terminals, they are the most widely used device in many areas.

For example, these terminals can be seen in all kinds of hospitality jobs. From the use by waiters to place orders, through mechanical workshops or in any type of industry or trade. Likewise, these are the device preferred by technical engineers on site. Some as agronomists, surveyors or foresters. Also, mechanics specialized in aeronautics, railways or agricultural machinery.

Its qualities, such as a larger display area and high image resolution, make the tablet the device of choice for many professionals. However, its own qualities lead to greater exposure to impacts. Their format makes them much less manageable than a mobile terminal, although they are used in similar circumstances.

How is the manufacture of custom tablet cases addressed?

For this manufacturer, Melgar, tablets are one of the most delicate terminals. Its large display area makes your screen less resistant and more exposed to impacts. Another great challenge, in addition to its protection, is in handling and portability. Many times, you have to resort to their service of custom tablet cases. They do this by designing specific bags and shoulder straps, anchorages and hooks optimized for each activity.

They have standard iPad cases for industrial use. Also, specific product lines for models of the most common brands, such as Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Acer or Nexus.

These are high-protection tablet covers, reinforced internally with stiffened boxes and foam. With a rugged 600 D polyester exterior finish, they have IK08 / IK09 level protection against impacts. Likewise, against possible damages that may derive from exposure to the most varied environmental agents.

A design for each client

However, at Melgar they are aware that each industrial process and each professional activity has specific characteristics. Often, a protection with a standard design does not provide sufficient manageability or contemplate specific environmental or work conditions. That is why it adapts to productions of up to 50 units and to the manufacture of custom tablet cases. Thanks to its prototyping laboratory, any customer can count on its optimized design in very few steps.

In conclusion, a good tablet case is an essential protection. And, without a doubt, the great tradition, experience and professionalism of Melgar are a guarantee of its quality.