Universal Holster Tablet

Our case pocket or holster, Universal Holster Tablet by Melgar, fast and effective, designed for the use of tablets in restaurants and other businesses.


Universal Tablet Holster for 7-inch tablets.
Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
Made of waterproof Nylon.
External dimensions 270 x 147 x 21 mm.
Maximum capacity 205 x 135 x 17 mm.
Metallic belt clip.
Elastic sides.
Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).

Minimum order European Union 50 UNITS
Consult minimum order for the rest of the World

Availability: PreorderAll our covers are manufactured on request

We developed our cases for the needs of each customer from 50 units.

You can see more custom cases for tablets in the following link:

Our universal tablet case is the ideal solution to protect the tablet from the first moment, regardless of the model or brand.

With our universal case, we generalize and guarantee protection to many tablets today.

You can also access our website in Spanish through the following link:


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