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Honeywell EDA60K Case

The Honeywell EDA60K Case is designed by our most demanding customers. If you are looking for protection and portability, you have found the right case.

Tailored protective case for Honeywell EDA60K.
Exterior material Waterproof 600D polyester.
Internal material High Protect.
Other internal layers of PVC, cardboard and foam.
Removable Protective Front Cover.
Nylon shoulder strap adjustable in height.
External elastic stylus holder.
Elastic back hand strap.
Rear ring for different hooking possibilities.
Side rings to hook the shoulder strap.
Holes to access all functions.
External measures 220x90x55 mm.
Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

Manufacture under minimum order of 50 Units.
All our covers are made to order.

– Pistol Grip hole (hand strap will be removed).
– Keyboard covered with transparent protective plastic.

Watch video of our Honeywell EDA60K Case:

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Firts of all, the case for Honeywell EDA 60K stands out, in addition to its high protection, for its portability characteristics.
In the same vein, its height-adjustable shoulder strap, metal hooks for other uses and the elastic back hand strap, offer you all the possibilities of transport and mobility.

Above all, one of the fundamental characteristics of this cover, is the perfect fit of the terminal in its case.
As a result, the manufacture made in Ubrique is a guarantee of the best quality of finishes.
Certainly, this town has an artisan tradition that goes back to the 1st century A.D.
In conclusion, today it is the indispensable manufacturing place for any prestigious international brand.

The Melgar company is known for the manufacture of custom cases for all types of mobile handheld terminals; Scanner covers, PDA cases, cases for portable printers, tablet cases for industrial use, barcode reader covers, etc.

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