Honeywell EDA51 Case

Honeywell EDA51 case with a level of protection IK08, manufactured by experts in Spain. Buy your cases directly from factory!!


  • Protective carrying case for Honeywell EDA 51.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19
  • Made of waterproof Nylon (Polyester 600D).
  • External measurements 162 x 88 x 33 mm.
  • Internal material High Protect.
  • Nylon safety cord (anti-fall system).
  • Metallic belt clip.
  • External elastic pocket for stylus.
  • Holes for access to all functions.
  • Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).


  • Protective front cover with inner cardboard.

From 22.70 EUR To 29.90 EUR

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Its predecessor, the cover for Honeywell EDA 50, allowed us to conquer new markets in Latin America and Eastern Europe.
For this reason, after its sales success in the international market, we decided to keep the same features and design in our cover for Honeywell EDA 51.

Its main features are the protective front cover, the metal belt clip and the anti-fall safety system.
In addition to allowing the terminal to be used without having to remove it from the case, its most notable feature is its high level of protection.
Our cover for Honeywell EDA51 achieves a level of protection IK08 against knocks and falls supporting 5 hits per side according to EN 62262.
We can also eliminate the protective front cover to reduce the cost of the product.
However, this modification will lower the protection level of your Honeywell EDA51 case, although it will make it more functional.

As experts in customized protection solutions, there are many Honeywell international partners that rely on our covers to protect their customers’ devices.

Melgar, manufacturers of cases for Handheld Mobile Computers, full adaptation to your design requirements and usage characteristics.
Contact us and we will develop the protection case you are looking for from only 25/50 units.

Melgar, your specialist in Honeywell Holster, PDA cases, tablet cases, portable printer cases, scanner case, barcode reader case, payment terminal case, etc.

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