Intermec Cases

Intermec Cases

Melgar, Intermec Cases Manufacturer. Our factory is specialized in the manufacture of covers, holsters and protective cases for handheld devices.

Melgar has a wide catalogue of Intermec Cases and Holsters developed for work in warehousing, distribution or retail stores.

The Intermec Cases and Holsters manufactured by Melgar are a great option to ensure the best protection for Intermec handheld terminals.
For this reason, this article will explain the specifications of these covers made by Melgar and the advantages of using them.

Intermec Cases from the manufacturer Melgar

Melgar is a manufacturer of Intermec terminal covers widely used in transportation, distribution or warehouse companies. These terminals have intensive daily use, exposing themselves to shocks and falls. In addition, they tend to rotate among company personnel, so protection is essential.

Specifically, the high protection Intermec hand terminal covers have a dual purpose. On the one hand, they seek user comfort during use. Thus, the texture is pleasant, allows a firm hold and, therefore, facilitates its use. The second objective has to do with the security and maintenance of the handheld. As mentioned, the most frequent thing is that the device are constantly used throughout the working day. This intensive use creates some wear on the terminals, in addition to multiplying the chances of breakage. Therefore, the covers fulfill a protective function of the handheld device, ensuring that, despite use, it can remain intact and function properly.

Manufacture of Tailor Made Cases and Holsters

However, despite the above, it is essential to adapt the case to the mobile computer and its needs for use. For this reason, Melgar offers its exclusive custom manufacturing service, meeting the requirements of each client.

Subsequently, Melgar, from his prototyping laboratory, designs the model. The same mobile computer may need different protection measures. This can be due to various factors, it will depend on the work environment, the degree of exposure and the greater or lesser use. For this reason, in the design laboratory, specific covers are created for each of its clients. Similarly, carrying cases can be created for either handhelds, Tablets, Pdas, or virtually any mobile device. The process for ordering your own protection project is based on simplicity. You just have to contact through the company’s email and they will take care of everything.

In short, the Intermec covers and holsters created by Melgar are very useful for use in industry and commerce. In addition, each company will be able to enjoy a personalized product adapted to their work environment.

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