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Intermec CN51 Case Nylon

Protective covers for Handheld Mobile Computer, Intermec CN51 Case Nylon, we adapt our cases to the features you need. The case that you want, as you want!.

Custom Case designed for Handheld Mobile Computer Intermec CN51 Case Nylon by Honeywell.
Made of waterproof Nylon.
External dimensions 165 x 85 x 40 mm.
Internal material High Protection.
Nylon cord safety (anti-fall system).
Metallic belt clip.
External stylus holder
Allows charging at base without removing the case.
Ring back for different coupling possibilities.
Holes for access to all functions.
Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).

Minimum order from only 15 units. (Only for shipments within the European Union).
All our protective cases are exclusively made to order.

Nylon shoulder strap with adjustable height.
Protective front cover with inner PVC.
Holding back elastic.
Display or keyboard covered with clear plastic.

You can also see our protective Intermec cases in the following link:

See video of our Intermec CN51 case:

Advantages of purchasing our Intermec CN51 Holster.

Here are the most significant benefits of purchasing an Intermec CN51 Case.

– Manufactured from premium Nylon, it offers greater resistance to the terminal, preventing scratches or total impact on the device in the event of a blow.

– Although it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as any leather case, all of our Nylon cases fit the device perfectly.

– The durability is the most important point to emphasize, because Nylon is one of the most resistant materials of the current market, suitable to work daily with industrial terminals.

– The cost of any Nylon case is much cheaper than a case made of leather.

Analyzing all the above points, you can see that our Intermec CN51 cases are the best on the market.

Why buy a Intermec Case?

In order to extend the life of any industrial terminal, we have been evolving as the market and competition grew, which is why today, we are certain to offer the best Intermec CN51 case, made of nylon to achieve greater durability and strength for daily use of the terminal.

We manufacture a variety of mobile terminal cases for all types of Intermec industrial devices, but our flagship product is the Intermec CN51 cover.

In our company “Melgar”, we manufacture hundreds and thousands of cases for all types of industrial devices every day. In addition, we analyse the latest trends and terminals on the market in order to quickly offer the production of their corresponding cases.

We unify “Quality” and “Variety” in a single term by purchasing any of our custom protective cases for handheld mobile computers.

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