Walkie Talkie Case

Custom development for walkie talkie case. Manufacturer of cases for all types of mobile terminals. Custom Protection from 50 units!


  • Made of waterproof Nylon.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • External dimensions 170 x 80 x 40 mm.
  • Internal material High Protection.
  • Metallic belt clip.
  • Screen, keyboard and side buttons covered with clear plastic.
  • Holes for access to all functions.
  • Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).


  • Shoulder strap with adjustable height.
  • Elastic rear hand strap.

Minimum order European Union 50 UNITS
Consult minimum order for the rest of the World

Availability: PreorderAll our covers are manufactured on request

Our Walkie-Talkie Case and other Tetrapol Radio Terminals Covers

Melgar is probably the only custom manufacturer of protective cases for handheld mobile terminals.
Above all, our experience in the development of carrying cases allows us to create the product that each client needs.
As a result, Melgar develops and produces protection cases for different state forces in various countries.
In addition, we offer a custom manufacturing service from just 50 units.
Previously we create a custom prototype of your Walkie Talkie Case with the features your company needs.
Finally, after your confirmation that the prototype is correct, we will start its production.

What offers you Melgar?

-Spanish Company unique in the international market, able to develop the protection cases you are looking for with all the features you need.

-Our experience and professionalism will make your product development only take you a few minutes.
You will not need knowledge of manufacturing, from the moment you contact us, everything will be in our hands.

-Fast manufacture of prototypes.
-Custom Manufacture from just 50 units with a fast and reliable delivery.
-Fair and reasonable prices with top quality manufacturing in Ubrique (Spain).

Consult us your project for Walkie-Talkie Case and you will stay completely satisfied.

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