Zebra Cases

Zebra Cases

Melgar, the specialist in Zebra Cases. We develop and manufacture Custom Protective Cases for Handheld Mobile Computers and portable printers for Zebra Technologies.

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First of all, at Melgar we are aware of the important role that handheld terminals play in companies.
For more than 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to protecting them.
Undoubtedly, one of the most widespread ranges in all sectors is that of Zebra mobile computers.
So, our Zebra Cases are a priority in design and production.


This American manufacturer, based in Illinois, is one of the manufacturers of mobile terminals most reputable in the world.
Above all, the quality of their devices has the endorsement of the brand they absorbed in 2014: Motorola.

In the Zebra range of terminals and accessories we find barcode readers and printers.
Also, PDAs, smart RFIDs, portable printers or personal identification systems.

Certainly, there are countless companies, organizations and professionals from all sectors that use these handheld devices.
Therefore, we can say that their solutions are a world standard in many fields.


As manufacturers we know that these high protection handheld terminal covers are crucial to their durability.
And it is that the deterioration of a device can paralyze shipments from a warehouse or ruin a day of field work.

Therefore, our prototyping department puts all its experience and know-how in the manufacture of these cases and holsters.
This, in addition to ensuring maximum protection within the IK scale, also achieves a better adaptation to each use.

Especially, one of our greatest advantages as a manufacturer of Zebra Cases is our Custom Manufacturing Service.
In this way, if a Zebra terminal requires specific usage characteristics, we develop the protective case based on these.
Sometimes weight, waterproofness, or portability can be as important factors as protection.

As a result, another of our flagship products, the Zebra Cases for Mobile Printers.
In addition to high protection and ease of transport, Melgar offers custom manufacturing.
In other words, we can create for you the printer case totally adapted to your needs.

We also pay special attention to the mobility and transport of mobile terminals.
For this reason we also created Holsters for Zebra, the perfect case to be in continuous movement.
Without a doubt, this type of Zebra Cases is the most comfortable due to its ease of use and comfort.

Melgar, quality guarantee in Zebra Technologies Carrying Cases and Holsters.

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