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The Samsung Galaxy TAB A Tablet Case Melgar provides the ideal protection for work in warehouses and industries. Customize it to your own liking.

The Galaxy TAB A Tablet Case is a custom-made case developed by Melgar especially for the Samsung Galaxy Tab TAB A Model SM-T550.

It is a robust case specially designed for use in industrial or commercial work environments. Perfectly adapted to the model SM-T550, it is designed so that you can access all the functions of the Tablet quickly and easily.

The cases are fabricated externally in waterproof Nylon combined with an internal protection of High Protect material. To improve the portability of the tablet, includes an adjustable nylon shoulder strap and also a comfortable elastic back to introduce the hand.

Create the case for you!

And here comes the best !, Melgar offers a unique service in the market: we create the covers totally to your measure. Therefore, it is the customer who creates the perfect cover to fully satisfy their work needs.

The manufacture «to your measure», in addition to the creation of tablets covers, extends to all types of mobile handheld computers, such as smartphones, barcode readers, handheld terminals, portable printers, media payment, scanners, walkie-talkie radio, card readers, portable terminals, RFID, AIDC, DC / PoS, data capture terminals, medical devices, breathalyzers …

All the production of this company, is made through the request of budget and includes the previous manufacture of a real prototype. You can order your custom protection solution from just 25 units.

Finally, do not hesitate to purchase these custom-made cases, manufactured by Melgar, with the highest quality and the best materials. The end result is a rugged and reliable protective case. Without forgetting the manufacture of recognized prestige and quality of Ubrique.

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