Zebra TC70 TC75 Case Melgar

Zebra tc70 tc75 case Melgar for handheld computer Zebra brand

Zebra TC70 TC75 Case Melgar. A tested thoroughly of all you need to know about this protective case tailor-made for handheld computers Zebra brand.

The presence of handheld computers in companies is evolving at a considerable pace. The facilities that these provide to workers for communication or have instant information are considered essential in today’s business models. However, we must not forget how important it is the device itself and its protection.

The excellence of Melgar

Melgar, manufacturer internationally known for their protection systems for all types of mobile computers, (Tablets, handheld computers, portable printers, walkie talkies, Bar Code scanner, etc.) presents the Zebra TC70 TC75 Case Melgar . It is about a protection system for handheld terminals Zebra brand manufactured in Ubrique, Spain.

This system case for terminals Motorola TC70 and TC75 it presents very interesting features. In the first place, the Zebra cases are made to measure for the models listed. As a result, the handheld is totally adapted inside the case, contrary to what happens with generic models. This feature does not prevent this protection system has holes to access all features or connect the device to the charger.

Furthermore, the building material is soft but very resistant to possible falls and splashes of liquid, waterproof nylon with High Protect in its internal zone. This feature is useful when the portable terminals are used outdoors.

The cover is fully adapted to the portability feature for the handheld terminal Zebra TC70 TC75. Thanks to the metal belt clip, we can transport the portable terminal in our belt or pocket. In this respect, Melgar has also considered the possibility that the cover falling out of the operator’s hands. For this reason, furthermore, the case of the handheld computer has a nylon cord, as fall protection system, which prevents the cover fall to the ground.

Finally, remind you that Melgar designed protective covers, to the measure of your needs from just 25 units.

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