Datalogic Falcon X3 Case

Datalogic Falcon X3 Case handmade by Melgar. The best protection with belt clip and base charging system. Made in europe.


  • Tailor Made Case for Datalogic Falcon X3 + (PLUS).
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • External material Waterproof Nylon (600D Polyester).
  • High protection internal material.
  • External dimensions 225 x 95 x 65 mm.
  • Metal clip for belt.
  • Fall protection system.
  • Elastic external stylus holder.
  • Access holes to all terminal functions.
  • Allows charging on base without removing the terminal from the case.
  • Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

From 24.00 EUR To 28.70 EUR

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We create the Datalogic Falcon X3 Cover you are looking for

Melgar offers you the possibility of creating your own cover with the requirements and characteristics that your company needs.

Compared with other European and Asian cases manufacturers, Melgar offers you:
-Maximum protection up to IK09.
-Extensive experience in product development.
-Total customization with the client’s requirements.
-Rapid prototyping.
-Manufacturing with specialized labor.
-Minimum orders from small quantities
-Maximum quality manufactured in Ubrique.
-Fast and accurate delivery times.
-Better prices for large quantities.

In addition, our products are delivered without any brand, you can request the stamping of your own logo.
Above all, all these advantages make us a referral provider for many clients around the world.

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