Honeywell CK65 Case

We present our Honeywell CK65 case, maximum quality, protection and portability made in Europe.


  • Carrying case for Honeywell CK65 with or without pistol grip.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • External material 600D polyester waterproof.
  • Internal material High Protect.
  • Other internal layers of PVC, cardboard and foam.
  • External measurements 220x90x55 mm.
  • Elastic back hand strap.
  • Holes to access all functions.
  • Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).


  • Pistol Grip hole (removal of rear elastic hand strap).
  • Removable Protective Front Cover.
  • Height-adjustable nylon shoulder strap.
  • Side rings to hook the shoulder strap.
  • Rear ring for different hooking possibilities.
  • External elastic stylus holder.

From 24.00 EUR To 28.70 EUR

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See video of our CK65 case:

Honeywell CK65 and our high protection case

Above all, thanks to its 7000 mAh battery, it can work 28 hours straight without charge.
Furthermore, under the Mobility Edge ™ platform, it allows the portability of all applications on devices of this family.
On the other hand, the new imager is capable of scanning at short and long distances at high speed.

Consequently, our case is designed for the protection and portability of this portable terminal.
As a result, the different internal layers that we use in the construction of the case, efficiently absorb shocks and drops.
In the same way, the customer can choose the cover to be used with a pistol grip or a hand strap.
You can also add shoulder strap, protective front cover, protective plastic on the keyboard as well as countless custom options.

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