iPad Case Apple Tablet

iPad Case Apple Tablet

Melgar launches the first prototype case for the iPad, our case for iPad Case Apple Tablet, it has managed to be the first before the launch of the iPad.

Melgar launches the first prototype cover designed specifically for the iPad, the new Tablet by Apple.

Conceived under the pretext that ‘less is more’, the new cover is created to provide greater protection without enlarging the volume of the iPad making it easier for the 100% functionality of the device.

The company Melgar, specialized in the design of technological accessories, launches its newly conceived and ingenious “clip” system based on a modification of one of its patents for PDA covers.  This system guarantees to hold the Tablet firmly and yet still allow the user to work on it without having to remove it from its cover.

One should note that this prototype cover for iPad Case Apple Tablet, makes it easier for the user to manipulate their Tablet, since the protective cover of the screen, designed by Melgar, is completely reversible.

Despite the fact that we are dealing with an initial prototype cover for iPad, Melgar believes that the probability to add, in the final version, some hidden handles to facilitate the transport of the device and to make this new cover a sensible accessory: for less space and more functionality.

For now, until the next opening of our new online store, you can see some of our cases for IPAD visiting the following link:


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