PinPad BP 50 Case

The PinPad BP 50 Case unites protection and mobility in a compact case with access to all functions and a perfect fit.


  • PinPad BP 50 Itos case made to measure.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • Exterior manufacturing in Polyester 600D (Waterproof Nylon).
  • Internal material High Protect.
  • External dimensions 117 x 79 x 29 mm.
  • Transparent plastic keyboard protector.
  • Protective front cover.
  • Internal reinforcements of PVC and cardboard.
  • Metal belt clip.
  • Access to all functions.
  • Handmade in Ubrique.

Minimum order European Union 50 UNITS
Consult minimum order for the rest of the World

Availability: PreorderAll our covers are manufactured on request

About our PinPad BP 50 Case Itos

Firstly, at the request of our customers, we begin the development of our protective cover version for this PinPad model. Above all, the main need of our customers was, in addition to protecting it from bumps and falls, to avoid the inevitable splashes and dirt in certain workplaces such as restaurants.

Most importantly was to keep the small size of this means of payment while maintaining IK08 protection. In addition, we incorporated an extra strong metal belt clip that would facilitate the transport of this small device.

Mainly the PinPad BP 50CL stands out for its small size, connectivity, ergonomics and mobility.
It has bluetooth technology and its battery is 620 mAh.
On the other hand, this PinPad can read cards using magnetic stripe, chip or Contactless.
In conclusion, this mobile POS becomes indispensable to meet the needs of any type of trade.

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