Smart POS SPx2 Case

Smart POS SPx2 Case by Spire Payments. Melgar, manufacturer of custom carrying cases for Smart POS and Dataphone covers. Request your budget !!


  • Spire Payments Smart POS SPx2 Protective Case.
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • Exterior material Waterproof 600D Polyester.
  • Inner material High Protect.
  • Materials used internally PVC, Foam, velor.
  • External dimensions 210 x 92 x 68 mm.
  • Elastic Hand Strap.
  • Holes to access the required functions.
  • Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

From 24.95 EUR To 30.95 EUR

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At Melgar, we manufacture your own case for Smart POS or Dataphone, adapting to any type of payment terminal.
In addition, you can configure the protective case with the features you need for your work environment.

As a result, with our custom manufacturing service, you will get the right protection for your POS terminal.
The perfect fit of the terminal on the case, in addition to different portability options, make this case the indispensable accessory for any type of dataphone.

Especially relevant is the possibility of adding your own logo on the POS cover.
In this way, your brand will achieve maximum visibility to its customers.
Consequently, this customization of the case will bring image to your restaurant, trade or company.

Finally, you may think that creating a protective case for your dataphone can be quite complex. However, with Melgar it will be in expert hands.
Thanks to our new product development protocol, you only need to spend just 10 minutes.
Subsequently, the information will be sent to our prototype laboratory to manufacture a real sample before starting the definitive production of your Smart POS cases.

You can see more details about our custom manufacturing in the following section of our website:

Link to the Spire Payments website specialized in POS terminals: