Unitech Cases

Unitech Cases

We develop Unitech Cases adapting the design to your work requirements. Melgar, custom manufacturer of protective cases for Handheld Mobile Computers.

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Melgar Unitech Cases ensure the protection of this manufacturer’s handhelds. The Spanish leader in the manufacture of covers guarantees the best protection in any circumstance of intensive professional use.

High Protection Cases for Unitech handheld terminals

Unitech is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile computers for data capture. These terminals undergo daily intense work that carries the risk of numerous impacts and falls. Likewise, they may suffer exposure to liquids or other types of harmful environmental agents.

Melgar has more than 20 years of dedication to the manufacture of custom cases and holsters for large manufacturers. For this reason, it incorporates in its catalogue a complete specific line for Unitech models and accessories.

Specific protection needs of Unitech terminals

A Unitech handheld terminal requires high specific protection as it is subjected to arduous working conditions. They are not easy or cheap to replace, and their functionality is of utmost importance at all times, performing vital tasks.

Within the Unitech range there are different manual data identification and capture terminals, known as AIDC. Magnetic stripe readers, mobile computers, barcode readers, fixed support terminals and keyboards … Each of these models requires a custom protection cover design. These protective cases must have different finishes, aimed at different levels of protection.

Finally, the high protection covers for Unitech handheld devices have to provide different anchorage and portability systems. Encouraging the usability of workers and professionals in any work circumstance is an essential requirement for them.

Melgar, our Unitech Cover solutions

With the usual quality of the case manufacturer, Melgar has a chain dedicated to the production of cases and holsters for the wide range of Unitech handheld mobiles.
In its factory in Ubrique, the different models are produced daily following the most rigorous quality standards.

The products are presented in different exterior finishes using 600D Polyester, rough leather or synthetic leather. These elements are very resistant to impacts and permeability. In addition, these prevent contact with liquids from seriously affecting the devices. The inner box of the receptacle that will house the terminal is made of rigid and absorbent materials. This finish protects very effectively from all kinds of impacts.

It stands out that, for better manageability, you can choose different supports: hooks to the belt, hand straps or shoulder straps. All covers can be fitted with safety straps.

In short, Melgar Unitech Cases are an optimal solution. It is a manufacturer that uses high quality materials, without neglecting aesthetics and a good finish.

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