Unitech Cases

We develop Unitech Cases adapting the design to your work requirements. Melgar, custom manufacturer of protective cases for Handheld Mobile Computers.


First of all, Unitech is a company founded in 1979 in Taiwan. Later in 1985, its objective was focused on the development of technology for data capture.
As a result, today it has become a manufacturer with more than 500 employees and worldwide presence.
Among its wide range of mobile equipment we can find; barcode scanners, RFID readers, PDAs and robust equipment.
Certainly, due to its extensive commercial network, Unitech has become a world leader in automatic data capture.


After our direct commercial relationship with Unitech distributors, we launched our own protection solutions for your mobile computers.

Externally manufactured in 600D Polyester, rugerized leather or synthetic leather, our covers are made of Ubrique.
In addition, internally we use rigid and absorbent materials to provide high protection.

Most noteworthy are its different transport possibilities.
That is, you can choose a belt clip, shoulder strap or hand strap.
Even more, we can also incorporate our anti-fall safety cord.

Finally, if you need protective cases for Unitech, do not hesitate to contact us.
We put at your disposal our experience in custom development of covers to get the cover you are looking for.

Web link to the Official Website Unitech:

Melgar, the protective case that you want, as you want it!!.

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