Unitech PA700 Leather Holster

Unitech PA700 Leather Holster, carry case made entirely of extra-resistant leather with the comfort of a carrying holster. Learn more about this case.


  • Leather holster for Unitech PA700.
  • Manufactured entirely in very resistant leather.
  • External measurements 190 x 107 x 36 mm.
  • Hole to pass the belt.
  • Metal side ring for extra hook.
  • Handmade in Ubrique (Spain).

From 16.60 EUR To 20.50 EUR

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Unitech PA700 Leather Holster, high quality manufacturing

First of all, our Unitech case is manufactured in Ubrique, a famous town in southern Spain for its artisanal tradition.
Above all, this carrying case, built entirely in extra-resistant leather, has a valid internal capacity for most hand terminals.
In addition to the upper hole to pass the belt, it has a side ring to hook an anti-fall safety cord.
Most noteworthy, you can customize our case with your own logo or brand stamped on the leather.
In this way you will be advertising your business in addition to protecting and transporting the handheld terminal.

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If you need to develop a protective case fully adapted to your needs, we can manufacture the case you are looking for from 50 units.
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