Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tablet Case Melgar

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tablet case Melgar for industrial or commercial use

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tablet Case Melgar is manufactured to suit your needs and has very interesting features of protection and usability.

The world of tablets lives in constant evolution, the proof is that Samsung has recently launched its new model Galaxy Note 10. This interesting gadget 10.1 inches, is the bet of the South Korean brand to conquer the market for tablets. However, this electronic jewel needs a cover made to measure to protect it from bumps, dust and scratches.

We live in a globalized society where mobility is required. Proof of this is that the tablets have become the substitute of laptops for its lightness and ease of use.

But it has one drawback: take it everywhere it can cause your favorite device falling out, being scratched or suffer any accident. Therefore it is essential a case for your tablet.

A case for each tablet:

But do not worry, becouse Melgar develops cases for any tablet model. Either to protect the Galaxy Note 10 or any Handheld Mobile Computer that you can imagine.

As specialists in custom manufacturing, they are able to design any project protective cases to make your protective cover in a real luxury item.

The best example is the case for the Galaxy Note 10. This case has the following features: made of waterproof nylon, with external dimensions of 270 x 190 x 20 mm, has elastic back to introduce the hand, magnetic closure, protective cover and Nylon shoulder strap with height adjustment for hanging on the shoulder. In addition, its manufacture is 100% Spanish.

If you need other measures or materials, Melgar adapts your requirements. They are specialists in cases for handheld mobile computers, leather goods and accessories for your handheld devices.

If you want quality products to protect your tablets face any problem, the custom cases of Melgar are made for you. Do not hesitate and take a look, sure you will fall in love!

Finally, Melgar manufactures cases to suit your needs just 25 units!!!

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