Honeywell EDA61K Case

Honeywell EDA61K case from the manufacturer Melgar, protect your terminal while maintaining all its functionality and adding portability.


  • High protection case for Honeywell EDA61K
  • Allows disinfection against COVID-19.
  • External material 600D polyester waterproof.
  • Internal foam material for greater protection.
  • Other internal layers of PVC, cardboard and EVA rubber.
  • Approximate external measurements 210 x 90 x 38 mm.
  • Elastic back hand strap.
  • Holes to access all functions.
  • Hand made in Ubrique (Spain).


  • Height-adjustable nylon shoulder strap to hang from the shoulder.
  • Side rings to hook the shoulder strap.
  • Transparent plastic protector on keyboard.

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Honeywell ED61K Case manufactured by Melgar

Probably, through a distributor, you know our covers for Honeywell.
Certainly, our factory has been manufacturing custom protective cases for more than 20 years.
Specifically, our Honeywell EDA61K Case is designed to be able to use all its functions without removing the terminal.
Among other features, its rear hand strap stands out, which allows you to firmly hold the PDA with one hand.
Finally, the height-adjustable shoulder strap offers the necessary portability while the operator is on the move.
What’s more, we can customize our Honeywell EDA61K cover to suit your usage needs.

You can also see other Honeywell case models at the following link:

Features of the Honeywell EDA61K mobile terminal.

Mainly, this handheld stands out for its ergonomic design and intuitive use of the terminal.
Above all, the new EDA61K is very close to the high-end terminals from Honeywell.
Designed for medium-sized businesses, it has become the successor to the Honeywell EDA50 and EDA60K.
Certainly, it highlights its large 4-inch screen, its wide keyboard and a 7000mAh battery.
In particular, the features of this mobile device are designed to automate work in warehouses.
On the other hand, its degree of protection is lower than the Honeywell CK65, so it is recommended to use our Honeywell EDA61K Case.
In conclusion, this terminal is perfect for automating merchandise management in distribution centers and retail stores.

Link to the Official Website of Honeywell: