Born the case for the new iPhone 5

Born the case for the new iPhone 5

Melgar, Born the case for the new iPhone 5, custom cases manufacturer for all kind of Mobile Computer: handheld, tablet, mobile printer, pda, rfid, walkie.

Melgar, custom manufacturing cases for any type of Handheld Mobile Computer; handheld, tablet, mobile printer, data capture, pda, rfid, Bar Code scanner…

A revolutionary twist on the traditional producing handmade leatherwork technique, thus could define the manufacturing system developed by the company Melgar.

Although the method can be used for the production of the great majority of leather goods, undoubtedly its flagship application is the manufacture of cases for mobile phones and tablets.

The launch of this new patent will see the light coinciding with the release of the new iPhone 5.

After to access the first prototype case for the iPhone 5, we believe that the new system, also to revolutionizing the tradition leatherwork, will become the best leather case and more original in the market for the new iphone 5.

More cases of Melgar for Apple products:

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