CIPHERLAB RS30 Protective Case Melgar

CIPHERLAB RS30 Protective Case Melgar Hand Made in Spain

Meet the CIPHERLAB RS30 Protective Case Melgar, the best high protection and usability solution for your Handheld Mobile Computer. Hand made in Spain.

Just look around us to find a multitude of mobile and portable terminals that make life a little easier: from a tablet to a bar code reader, smartphones or different portable payment methods.

This daily use makes it essential to protect handheld terminals and avoid wear and costly repairs. Thus arises the need to protect this type of mobile terminals with protective cases that also improve the user experience.

Custom manufacturing cases for any portable hand-held terminal.

At Melgar they are aware of this need and they are dedicated to making custom made cases for any terminal. In this way, strictly following the characteristics and needs of the customer, they develop the cases fully adapted to the requested terminal.

As a manufacturer of custom cases for portable terminals, they are aware of the importance of a good protective case. To achieve this, they use specific materials of high protection that also give durability to any case manufactured.

Melgar are experts in developing specific solutions in terms of protection for portable terminals. Whether for commercial or industrial use, manufacture is made to order with the specific characteristics of each customer. Without forgetting, the handmade manufacture in Ubrique to guarantee the best result. You only have to request a minimum order of 50 units.

Undoubtedly, it is vital to have a good protective case in any work environment, whether for hospitality (handhelds or card readers) or the field of security (walkie talkie, breathalyzers, RFID, etc.).

As an example, the protective case CIPHERLAB RS30, made of waterproof nylon, with rigid front cover and metal belt clip.

The CIPHERLAB cases will achieve your purpose: offer top quality protection with resistance as a premise.

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