Leather cases and nylon cases

Leather cases and nylon cases

We develop tailored Leather cases and nylon cases for gadgets, smartphones, tablets and handhelds, adapting to the needs of each client from just 25 units.

Compilation of latest custom cases developed by Melgar:

Melgar continue with the development of protective cases for tablets, handhelds devices and other gadget cases custom-made.

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Honeywell Dolphin 6000, New iPad and iPhone 4S are the latest models of cases developed for our clients to the measure of their needs.

Among recent developments of cases commercialized more successfully are:

-Leather case iPad 2 – New iPad or iPad 3

–Leather Case iPhone 4 or 4S

-Handheld Case Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Restaurants

–Tablet case for Samsung Galaxy Tab Restaurants

-Industrial iPad Case

–PDA Case PIDION BM 170 Restaurants and Shops

–Mobile rugged Case Nokia C5

Melgar develop tailored cases for Handheld mobile computer, gadgets, smartphones, tablets and handheld devices, adapting to the needs of each client from just 25 units.

You can ask us for a quote and conditions through our email.

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